Sunday, June 12, 2011

its summer time

which means its sandal time!
i attempted to make a pair of handmade sandals, checking out one of mine for reference
traced my feet to get a pattern, 1 pattern for both sides... you just flip it around

cut the leather out either with heavy duty scissors or a sharp blade. thicker the leather the better..i think

exploring some strap constructions

lets keep it simple, i could possible mess this up, the one to the left!
punching holes to thread the straps through. these precious cutting tools were given to me by a pattern master at a bag factory!

another piece is needed to glue and sandwich the straps in

oh! had to thin out the leather with a skiving tool so the bottom wouldn't be so bumpy from the straps
i needed to add some weight on the pieces so they would stick together well... my metal tools will have to do

adding a stitching groove on both sides
groove on the bottom extra deep so the thread doesn't break through wear and tear

punch within the lines!

peachy pop

this! is my new stitching pony

almoooossssst done!

added a heel!

polished/ logo-ed/ stamped!


taking it outside! lets hope this will hold up pretty good