Tuesday, July 19, 2011

travel tags!

over 1 month in the works.. the wedding was beautiful
 and everything turned out great i think :)
this is how i made them.
thought about stitching on the machine... too hard to control, then i though there is just something much more personal when done all by hand
stamping the big day!

cut/ dates hand stamped/ ready to go

had a little factory going on- hours and hours of hard labor :)  sis.yin.roberto.me
finishing details- trim
punching a circle on each end to keep the slit from tearing. not that it ever will- leather is strong :)
waxing the edges
stacks of the finished goods/ yellow and orange thread -colors of the wedding!
stamping juju made
postcards for display and thank you note / cards for name and information
punching holes to strap the tags on them
ready for the car ride down to SD/  strapped the luggage tags on the cards on the car ride down
perfectly placed on the table
loop it on your luggage!
surprise stamp logo inside- flip the card and fill out your information
safe travels!

would it be a good idea to sell these?
a future web collection. make. post. sell :)


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  2. awesome blog julie and good work with the luggage tags! keep it up! Jenn showed me this!