Monday, December 3, 2012

simple yet perfect moments

away from home for a month.. its such a strange feeling
i found this and it just made sense!

7 Of Life’s Simple-Yet-Perfect Moments

1. The feeling you get when your body temperature matches that of your surroundings. I first noticed this as a child when, upon slowly descending into a body of water, it felt like I had disappeared. Part of me was floating in the swimming pool while the other seemed to watch, suspended above the water’s surface. We acknowledge the pleasure of climbing into an almost too-hot shower and shuddering as the body grows accustomed to the shock, but what about feeling your physical body dissolve into its surroundings? I can only compare it to the peace I feel when I observe how the ocean seamlessly meets the sky.

2. Getting someone to play with your hair. There’s a reason we had those play-with-each-others’-hair trains in second grade Spanish class… it feels incredible. Relaxing and stimulating at the same time. I haven’t met a single person who did not appreciate a proper head scratching/scalp massage/hair playing session.

3. The moment just before you fall asleep and slip back into consciousness for a final second, noting how impeccably positioned you are, how safe and warm and perfectly swathed you are. Feline lovers may also refer to this situation as Cozy Kitty moment.

4. Hitting the sweet spot on a tennis/badminton racquet. The best part about that shot is it’s almost always a winning one, too. As the ball/birdie makes contact with your racquet’s strings, you feel time slow down as the racquet meets the ball, cradling it for just an extra moment before releasing it back on its predestined path.

5. When you are listening to the radio, and the song that comes on could not be more right for whatever situation you find yourself in. Perhaps it’s Elliott Smith’s “Waltz No. 2” on the first crisp day of autumn, or Coconut Records’ “West Coast” as you drive home from dropping someone special off at a train station. There are a million perfect songs for a million perfect situations for a million perfect people. Part of the beauty of this phenomenon lies in its endless combinations.

6. Resonance. Hitting that note in the shower and hearing it reverberate along the ceramic or chanting “ohm” in a group yoga class and feeling the energy of your unity fill up the room.

7. The feeling of being overwhelmed with love for everyone and everything around you for no obvious external reason. This tends to be a rare one, as it is easy for us to feel optimistic and generous when our lives are moving along the way we wish for them to. However, when we are able to feel love regardless of whether we feel we’ve been dealt a just hand, the joy and peace we receive is incomparable because nothing can threaten to take it away from us. 

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